To catch up on printed projects…

I’ll try and remember a list of things that I have printed so far…

  • Fortnite Loot Llamas
  • Finger-pulling Octopi
  • Printer upgrades for the Ender 3 v2
    • Slot covers
    • Bearing spool holder
    • Feet with rubberised soles
    • Silent PSU cover
    • Silent Motherboard cover
    • Cable chains
    • Tool holder
  • Beehive frame holders
  • Xiaomi sensor holders
  • Google Home pegboard mount
  • MK735 mini server case
  • And now some battery mounts for my Ryobi batteries (as seen above)

It’s been a fun experience really – learning how to level the print bed, use OctoPrint, using Tinkercad and Blender for making and editing models, tinkering with print settings in Cura… So now I have a printer that’s working well I’m going to start on building a Hypercube Evolution – partially as another larger printer but mostly as a project to be able to tinker and break and fix again.

It will be interesting to see how PETG prints as I know that PLA+ prints very well (at least the eSun brand that I like) whilst TPU (flexible) is very weird and has to be printed very slowly to come out nicely.

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